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what if we were real?
So, I've written fic for the first time in ages. First foray into Merlin fic, most generic crossdressing fic ever, but you know. Here goes. (And I'm working on my futurequeen fic battle fic, I swear!)

Title: Another Reason Merlin Kind of Adores Morgana
Rating: R
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Summary: A response to this KMM prompt: Arthur/Merlin, crossdressing. Arthur loses a bet to Morgana and she forces him to wear one of her dresses. Merlin finds himself rather turned on by Arthur in a dress and persuades him to keep it for their own private use

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First fic in a new fandom. Written for a misread prompt at the ST XI Kink Meme; I saw "Chekov's first time," but didn't see the pairing, so I wrote it as Chekov/OFC. This started as a desire to see Chekov not be the youngest in a situation, to see him in a situation where he can be his normal adorable genius self, yes, also be a 16 year-old boy. So, yeah. Un-betaed, all mistakes mine, please point them out if you see them.

Title: Peer Educator
Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Pairing: Chekov/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Summary: While Pavel Chekov was certainly one of the youngest students to ever be accepted into Starfleet Academy, he certainly wasn't the only cadet to arrive before his eighteenth birthday.
Disclaimer: Celia's mine and the plot is mine; all else belongs to other people.

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Why is SGA baby!fic almost always happy? Or rather, slash-centered baby!fic, as I haven't seen much pregnancy/childrearing fic centered around the Atlantis women, but I'd like to hope it's a bit more realistic. I can think of one mpreg where Rodney had an abortion, but other than that one, mpreg or not, the boys always keep the baby. I understand that babies are cute and make for an easy catalyst to throw a couple together, but why not go into the complexities of the situation? Characters we can assume are already overworked would be staying up until all hours taking care of an infant, and then once the kiddo is walking, they'd have to redo the security protocols to keep it in safe areas of the city. And there's still a good chance it's not going to survive the next contagion/attack on the city. And if it does, that's a lifetime of therapy to look forward to. Giving it to family back on Earth or giving it up to the Athosians (you know, before the season 4 surprise) would be the best answer, but that's always discarded because "he's so cute and he's mine and that would be like, hard and stuff, and besides, babies are fun!"

That's not to say there aren't good baby!fics out there; A Beautiful Lifetime Event comes to mind as an example that shows how much a kid really changes life. This little moment of introspection is brought by reading yet another fic (by an author I like!) where character 1 has completely valid reasons for wanting to give the child up, and then keeps it 'cause his boyfriend wants to. There's no way that's healthy.

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Fandom: Sports Night
Title: Killing Me
Rating: G
Characters: Dan, Kim, Dave, Dana

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I wrote fic.

Title: Brotherly Love
Rating: PG
Pairing: Teyla/OC
Summary: It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was about to happen. “What Are Your Intentions: Part 3”

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I wrote this a while back, might as well post it here.

Atlantis fic
Teyla/Rodney friendship

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Yes, I'm actually getting around to putting my fic up on this thing.

Written for atlantis_lvw. The challenge was "Mistaken Identity". Hey, they didn't say it had to be a person.

Title: Of Siblings and Sahaja
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None

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I wasn't going to do this, but certain scenes insisted.

Mainly the one with Elizabeth completely domming Ronon.

I love how Rodney's voice getts all rough and uneducated when he's pissed off. Makes me wonder about his past. Liz still keeps her professional voice when she's angry, why

Is that Chris Heyerdahl as the Wraith? And why do I recognise him even through the makeup? (has clearly watched way too much of this show)

Okay, grey hair, I'm estimating 5-10 years.

Okay, this is the ultimate whump.

I've had my doubts about the character of Sheppard in the past, and I still do. I feel like we're expected to like him just because he's pretty and because he's the hero, and I feel that there are occasions when his character is sacrificed for the plot (Weir, too, for that matter). None of my dislike for Sheppard is the fault of Joe Flanigan, though. The man can do so much without words. He takes what he's given a lot farther than many others could.

This? is one of those occasions when Liz is being sacrificed for the sake of the plot.

Okay, the tone of Ronon's voice when he said Genii? So great.

Yay for reminding us that we are on an alien planet. With the humanizing of the Wraith, it's easy to forget where we're supposed to be.

"My good friend Ronon" I likes Ladon 'cause of the sarcasm.

Okay, warm and fuzzy ending. And the old man just makes Flanigan look even prettier.

Why the hell do we have to wait 2 weeks for "McKay and Mrs. Miller"? I'll be at school by then! I'll have to wait for the iTunes version. And I can't squee too loudly, for fear of scaring the new roommates. Oh well, I suppose it's for the best. The ratings'll probably be better than they would have been Labor Day weekend anyway.

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Stargate SG-1 will finish its run on Sci-Fi after this season.

I'm not angry that Sci-Fi's dropping the show. Everything needs to end eventually, and with the low ratings, I knew this one was coming to a close.

What bothers me is that they're doing this now. With all of the plotlines SG-1 has, they need at least another season to resolve them all. Things need to be tied up. I think that MGM might be able to find another distributor for the show, but I'm still pissed at Sci-Fi for ending its run. The network is dropping SG-1 to push other shows that (in my opinion) don't have a snowball's chance in hell of achieving the type of longevity that SG-1 has.

And the thing is, they've been planning this, you can tell. I feel like if they had any intention of giving the show another season, they would have positioned Eureka before it, to grab new viewers. Nothing that they've been doing with Stargate in terms of timing and advertising makes sense if you look at it from the perspective of someone who wants to keep the show going. They've been planning this, the bastards. And they're not giving the show enough time to tie things up and finish with dignity, they're just tossing it out like so much trash. I am disappointed and annoyed and generally just miffed at the moment.

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"200" was so much fun. The "1969" moment eserves a very special place in Stargate history. I heart heart heart heart heart this episode!

In other news, finally finished my atlantis_lvw entry. And by finished, I mean finished editing, because that bitch was more than 200 words over the limit. I had to cut some of my favorite parts, but it still took less time than writing a completely new story would have. I just hope it doesn't get eliminated.

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Watching "Designate This" and "Bag 'Em" tonight, I had a few thoughts (many of which concerned my desperate desire for the return of Logan's season 1 glasses and haircut). Seeing Alec raised a few questions.

I haven't been in this fandom a long time, but I feel like I'm seeing an unfair amount of animosity towards Alec from my fellow Max/Logan shippers. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Max/Alec shipper by any definition of the word, but I still like the character. I actually think the reason Max can't stand him to begin with is because he bears a resemblance to her in the pilot episode: no concern for saving the world, just trying to get by as comfortably as possible (I actually have this whole rant about how I prefer some parts of Alec's character to Max's, but I need to refresh my memory on the rest of Season 2 before I let that one out). As long as he's not interfering with our main duo, I like the guy.

So my question is this: Am I imagining this fandom animosity towards Alec (it's possible; stranger things have happened)? If you dislike Alec, why? Is it because you view him as a threat to your ship, is it the actions of Alec-supporters in the fandom that gets you going, or do you just have a beef with the character? I'm just curious. There were a lot of bad things about Season 2, but I don't find Alec to be one of them; I'm interested in why other people do.

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So, I've been hearing things about Supernatural since before it came out, but I had no desire to watch, because I wasn't that big a fan of Jared when he was in Gilmore Girls and besides, it comes on the same night as Smallville, and that's a show I avoid. But recently my love of Jensen Ackles has returned, and what I've seen of the Supernatural fandom made me curious, so yesterday, I watched my first episode of Supernatural.


It's not Emmy material or anything, but it's just so easy and fun, and the pretty. Oh my goodness the pretty. I've found a new show to watch. And with a TV in the dorm room come fall, I can actually watch it on a weekly basis. I'm getting sucked into the world of televison again.

Why didn't I pick a college with a television/communications major?

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O.K., so I've been a member of various and assorted fandoms for 4 years now, long enough that it constitutes a significant part of my life. So, I figured it was time I get a fandom journal. After all, I have RL, and I have fandom, and the two don't mix often, so might as well separate 'em. I'm still keeping my original journal, duskyfox; but fanfic, fan-squee, and other such things shall be concentrated here. So, let's see how this goes.

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