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SGA 3x07 scattered thoughts - obsessive personality
what if we were real?
SGA 3x07 scattered thoughts
I wasn't going to do this, but certain scenes insisted.

Mainly the one with Elizabeth completely domming Ronon.

I love how Rodney's voice getts all rough and uneducated when he's pissed off. Makes me wonder about his past. Liz still keeps her professional voice when she's angry, why

Is that Chris Heyerdahl as the Wraith? And why do I recognise him even through the makeup? (has clearly watched way too much of this show)

Okay, grey hair, I'm estimating 5-10 years.

Okay, this is the ultimate whump.

I've had my doubts about the character of Sheppard in the past, and I still do. I feel like we're expected to like him just because he's pretty and because he's the hero, and I feel that there are occasions when his character is sacrificed for the plot (Weir, too, for that matter). None of my dislike for Sheppard is the fault of Joe Flanigan, though. The man can do so much without words. He takes what he's given a lot farther than many others could.

This? is one of those occasions when Liz is being sacrificed for the sake of the plot.

Okay, the tone of Ronon's voice when he said Genii? So great.

Yay for reminding us that we are on an alien planet. With the humanizing of the Wraith, it's easy to forget where we're supposed to be.

"My good friend Ronon" I likes Ladon 'cause of the sarcasm.

Okay, warm and fuzzy ending. And the old man just makes Flanigan look even prettier.

Why the hell do we have to wait 2 weeks for "McKay and Mrs. Miller"? I'll be at school by then! I'll have to wait for the iTunes version. And I can't squee too loudly, for fear of scaring the new roommates. Oh well, I suppose it's for the best. The ratings'll probably be better than they would have been Labor Day weekend anyway.

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