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Supernatural - obsessive personality
what if we were real?
So, I've been hearing things about Supernatural since before it came out, but I had no desire to watch, because I wasn't that big a fan of Jared when he was in Gilmore Girls and besides, it comes on the same night as Smallville, and that's a show I avoid. But recently my love of Jensen Ackles has returned, and what I've seen of the Supernatural fandom made me curious, so yesterday, I watched my first episode of Supernatural.


It's not Emmy material or anything, but it's just so easy and fun, and the pretty. Oh my goodness the pretty. I've found a new show to watch. And with a TV in the dorm room come fall, I can actually watch it on a weekly basis. I'm getting sucked into the world of televison again.

Why didn't I pick a college with a television/communications major?

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