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A Question Concerning Alec - obsessive personality
what if we were real?
A Question Concerning Alec
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yourlivewire From: yourlivewire Date: August 15th, 2006 06:36 am (UTC) (Link)
alec is pretty much the only thing i like about season two. i like him as a character a lot and i think you're right - he does seem a bit like max as we see her in the beginning of the series. and you see him grow and change as the season progresses.

i don't like max and alec as a couple at all, and i can't see anything between them that suggest that either see each other in a romantic way. (but to be fair, i haven't seen/don't remember a lot of season two.) but i like their relationship as friends and how one will have the others back.

i don't really get why SO many people seem to prefer alec to logan or max/alec to max/logan. (i've sensed more animosity towards logan than towards alec.) but i love alec and think he's one of season two's only saving graces.
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